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The Grape and Grains on-line store will be down temporarily. We hope to be back soon bigger and better. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime be sure to check this site for updates on events, classes, beers on tap, and announcements. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and to check-in on Foursquare.

A reminder: you can email us at with your beer recipe and we can have it ready when you come in. 

Grape and Grains is the ONLY retailer of SouthYeast Labs yeast, SouthYeast Labs!South Carolina's own up and coming yeast company.

We also have the most extensive selection of grains, hops and yeast in the upstate, as well as covering all of your homebrew and wine-making equipment needs. We have:

  • Over 50 specialty grains and adjuncts.
  • 14 base malts.
  • 5 Dry malt extracts.
  • Over 55 different hop varieties in both pellet and leaf. We are also carrying the just created and released hop Eldorado (15.3 A.A.).
  • The entire Wyeast yeast line (43 different yeasts).
  • We have started carrying White Labs Yeast again due to popular demand. 
  • Dry yeast for beer, wine and mead.
  • All of the equipment you will need to start brewing beer or making wine. The BEST and most inclusive beginning brewer kits on the market. ALL of the equipment you need to start brewing right away for $130 or $160 which includes a 20 quart brew kettle (a $44.99 value)
  • NEW! You can now buy Dry Malt Extract by the 50 lb. bag for $165. That's a savings of $85
  • NEW! You can buy a 50 lb. bag of Briess 2-row grain for $55. That's cheaper than any place we found it on-line when you include shipping! Ask about buying any of our grains by the 55 lb. bag. 
  • We cater to all of your home kegging needs, and offer a complete kegging system for $255. This includes the Corny keg, hoses, gauges and full 5 lb. CO2 canister.
  • We also have a CO2 canister exchange program. Bring your empty 5 lb. canister in and we'll exchange it for a full one for $19.99


Get your ingredients and equipment from Grape and Grains. We offer the highest quality equipment and freshest ingredients at prices that are comparable and in many cases better than anything on-line. You don't pay for shipping and you can get your ingredients and equipment right now without having to wait for shipping. ....AND You can get expert help with all of your brewing and wine-making questions.  


We will beat any advertised price, and remember, 5% off for cash and 10% off for our deserving Veterans!